Most Recent Sermon: Delayed But Not Denied

July 15th, 2018 | Speaker: Tony Gilmore

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Delayed But Not Denied

July 15th, 2018 | Speaker: Tony Gilmore

This series is all about hearing the voice of God. Often times we encounter delays and questions in this process which can be frustrating. But, join us as we receive encouragement unpacking why delayed doesn’t always equal denied.

Join in the conversation with us as we continue dialoguing about hearing God’s voice.

In the next installment of our Frequency series, we discover the process of preparing to hear. Check it out!

We’re continuing this series with a message from Pastor Aubrey Wright on being desperate for hearing God.

Father’s Day

June 18th, 2018 | Speaker: Tony Gilmore

Father’s Day is an occasion to celebrate the efforts of Dads and be reminded that no matter the experience with our earthly father, we have a Heavenly Father who is the epitome of a true hero.

Power of Proximity

June 10th, 2018 | Speaker: Tony Gilmore

Hearing God really is all about our proximity to His voice. Tune in as we discuss the in’s and out’s of how this applies to all of us.

The Final Act

June 3rd, 2018 | Speaker: Tony Gilmore

Join us as we conclude our series The End by talking about the Final Act.

Wake Up Part 2

May 27th, 2018 | Speaker: Tony Gilmore

Join us for the next installment of our series The End!

Wake Up

May 20th, 2018 | Speaker: Tony Gilmore

Dive into a much debated topic with us- the End Times- as we discover that this isn’t an area to be scared of but something that actually can provide us hope and joy.

You Are Not Every Woman

May 15th, 2018 | Speaker: Angie Gilmore

Pastor Angie Gilmore unpacks on one of our favorite days of the year why we all of us are unique and one of a kind.