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The St. Louis Dream Center Leadership Program is a program designed for single, young adults age 18-35 who are looking for a world-class leadership and ministry training experience. Leaders live on campus (meals included) and serve in a variety of departments such as:

children and youth | worship and media | administration | feeding programs | short-term missions | pastoral care | and more

“It pushed me and allowed me to reach levels of maturity, success and direction in my ministry and everyday life”

– Chloe

We are uniquely positioned to help you take the next step in developing a life-long pursuit of leadership in ministry. With this in mind, this program is designed on purpose to cover the cost of your room and board because we believe in investing in young adults wanting to serve and develop into life-long leaders.

Yep, you read that right. We don’t make you pay for housing or meals. How cool is that?! What we do ask of you is that from the start of the application process all the way to serving on campus (if your application is approved), that you commit to giving your very best.

“This program is a unique experience that will challenge you to grow deeper in love with God and His people”

– Diamond

Here are a few answers to our Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long does this program last?
    • For local applicants in the St. Louis Metro area this is a year-long program
    • For non-local or international applicants, we have designed the length of this program to take place during the Summer months (May-August)
  • When does this program start?
    • We host multiple entry dates throughout the year and work with each applicant directly to get you plugged into the best upcoming start date.
  • I’m in College, do you offer anything for me?
    • Yes! As mentioned above, we recommend coming during the Summer months to coincide with your school schedule. We can work with you and your school to customize an experience that fits your specific degree program needs.
  • Why should I consider applying?
    • If you have a heart to make a difference and want to become a leader in ministry, the marketplace or elsewhere, this is an opportunity to learn from world-class leaders, hone your abilities and gain new abilities.
  • What do graduates of the Leadership Program end up doing?
    • We have had graduates go on to become worship leaders, youth pastors, missionaries, business leaders and more! We believe that this program provides you an opportunity to learn what it takes- first hand- take that next step.

We’re accepting applications now, which you can access via the link below. All of the instructions are also included.

Download Leadership Program Application

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