Need a fresh start?

Are you hoping to become a new person and discover a greater sense of purpose for your life?

We’re here for you.

Genesis Men’s Home is a faith-based residential program that brings restoration and transformation for men impacted by addiction and destructive lifestyles.

We are a 12-month residential discipleship program for adult men ages 18 and up that focuses on a man’s relationship with God, families, loved ones, and even themselves.

Our hope is that men would grow to understand that, regardless of their past, God has a plan and a purpose for their future.

We offer men a chance to truly experience a fresh start, while growing in relationship with God and finding freedom in every area of life. We do this by providing classes, individual study, personal mentoring, pastoral counseling, work ethics, training, and opportunities for positive community involvement.

We incorporate essential elements to inspire hope, such as education and training, one-on-one and group counseling, anger management, relapse prevention, prayer, service in the community, fellowship, and more.

We also offer transitional housing at a minimal cost for those graduating the program to help them reestablish life, gain employment, and start a new course.

So, if you (or someone you love) struggles with addictions or destructive lifestyles, we are here to help. There is hope, and God can bring transformation to anyone who might feel trapped.

Reach out to us below, and we will be happy to connect with you regarding some potential next steps.

Genesis Men’s Home

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